CSGO Free to Play Server

Come play on our CSGO Community Server. This is a free to play server that promotes $FRAG Tournaments, Events, and Announcements. In future players will be given the option to earn rewards and more for playing on GAME-FRAG Official severs.

Server Information
Server Name : GAME-FRAG CSGO Public 1
Server Status : Online
Server Address :
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GAME-FRAG is the worlds premier Esports Cryptocurrency.  Earn REWARDS for playing in Official GAME-FRAG Esports Tournaments, as well as for playing solo on one of GAME-FRAGs many FREE to PLAY servers. With GAME-FRAG you can be assured to $FRAG and not LAG!

Game Frag allows you to create your own Esports Team, run your own Esports Tournaments, and earn $FRAG along the way.

Want to take it to the next competitive level and create your own Esports Team? GAME-FRAG’s online Esports Management Portal allows you to create and manage your own Esports Team and Player Roster. Create a FREE account to start managing your Team, challenge other teams, and compete for a chance to win $FRAG along the way!

  • Create and Manage your Teams
  • Create your Tournaments
  • Join multiple Tournaments
  • Practice on Free to Play Servers
  • Earn rewards and much more.

Do not miss the chance to get involved in GAME-FRAG Tournaments and Earn Rewards for doing what you love!

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