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GAME-FRAG is the worlds premier Esports Cryptocurrency.  Earn REWARDS for playing in Official GAME-FRAG Esports Tournaments, as well as for playing solo on one of GAME-FRAGs many FREE to PLAY servers. With GAME-FRAG you can be assured to $FRAG and not LAG!


Want to take it to the next competitive level and create your own Esports Team? GAME-FRAG’s online Esports Management Portal allows you to create and manage your own Esports Team and Player Roster. Create a FREE account to start managing your Team, challenge other teams, and compete for a chance to win $FRAG along the way!

game-frag cryptocurrency Wallets

Download one of our GAME-FRAG wallets to get started earning PASSIVE INCOME today.  Our Desktop Wallet is made for multiple Operating Systems , as well as in many distribution formats. You can also find the code on our GITHUB site and build your own version.


If your using the "Installer File" for windows, or the MAC OS DMG, you will not need to install the "params" file before running the wallet, as these are built into them. If you using the standalone "QT Wallet" for windows or linux, you will have to run the bat installation script for your platform. Windows users can use the BAT file, while linux users may use the script in the source folder "/util/"


Latest GAME-FRAG Community Tournaments

  • img
    FRAG’s FFA Halo Infinite OPENSHalo Infinite5/24 Users Registered
    Start date:2022-01-29 20:00
    Tournament typeBattle Royale
    PlatformCross platform
    Prize100 FRAG, 50 FRAG, 25 FRAG
    Game formatBest of 3
  • img
    Adachi’s CS:GO Tournament!
    Counter Strike: GO2/10 Users Registered
    Start date:2021-06-07 18:00
    Tournament typeKnockout
    PrizeExclusive Discord Roles, Exclusive Discord Roles
    Game formatBest of 5

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